Syracuse Crunch vs. Binghamton Senators!


Coming up this Friday, January 25th the Syracuse Crunch takes on the Binghamton Senators. On Saturday, January 26th the Crunch goes head to head with the St. John’s Ice Caps. If you’re already a hockey fan I probably didn’t need to tell you that. This post is more for those who have never been. It’s a really fun, exciting, and somewhat lesser known local team, especially during basketball season. Anyway, grab a ticket and head to one or the other or both games if you need a mid-evening weekend plan.

The Binghamton Senators game is really worth seeing, since the team recently dethroned the Crunch for the number one spot of the American Hockey League’s East Division. It’s a great chance to see the highly competitive Syracuse Crunch, a team very highly ranked in all standings. Since I last mentioned the Crunch, there have been a few steps down in the standings. We’re currently 2nd in the AHL’s East Division and 4th in the Eastern Confence. They still hold one of the best records in the AHL. So go support the Syracuse Crunch!
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Syracuse Crunch vs. Binghamton Senators/St. John’s Ice Caps
Friday, January 25th and Saturday, January 26th
7:30 p.m. for both
Oncenter War Memorial
800 South State Street (Directions)


Post Game:
Make sure to head to Crunch fan hangout Ale ‘n’ Angus afterwards for post-game celebrations (I hope I didn’t jinx it), home of The New York Beef Council’s Best New York Burger–the Power Play Burger.
I’m talking about this one:

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