‘Cuse Mob 2: Buy Local Again!


Just a quick heads up. This Thursday, September 13th at 6:00 p.m. is the second installment of ‘Cuse Mob. It’s brought to you by my good friends at SyracuseFirst and is a very exciting, worthwhile event. In case you missed my article a few months back about the first event, I’ll get you up to speed. If you’ve heard the phrase “cash mob” this Syracuse version effectively “mobs” a locally-owned business with customers, each bringing a set amount to spend. Usually it’s around $10. It’s a fun, trendy way to support local entrepreneurs and businesses–the economy’s last hope in my opinion. Don’t miss out!

Since I can’t beat the original piece, here’s a very quick primer on ‘Cuse Mob:
“The original Cash Mob concept appears to have started in Buffalo, NY though it’s hard to say for sure. In researching I found out that a group in Cleveland, Ohio also started doing them last year. Apparently the idea has caught on quite rapidly, sprouting up all over the US, Canada and even around the world. Part of the reason for this quick spread is in the simplicity of the concept. Cash Mobs seem to be a solution to the problems small businesses–especially specialty retailers–face in a market dominated by superstores. Equally important is the inclusion it allows all community members. It isn’t some fundraising event with a high entry cost or big investment–it’s just $10 spread over a few hundred people (or more). So it’s effective in providing a chunk of revenue to help keep your favorite local store running (hopefully thriving).” - Me.

A few other details. The location of ‘Cuse Mob events are undisclosed until the day of. This keeps things interesting and creates the cool factor that still surrounds the cash mob concept. SyracuseFirst is encouraging you to try and guess where it will happen. They’re even throwing some clues out there to help you out. If you recall, the last one was at Craft Chemistry and generated thousands in revenue in just a few hours. A few hundred participated with most making a purchase (that’s sorta the point, BUY SOMETHING if you go!).

If you want in, RSVP at the official Facebook event page now. Invite all your digital friends.

Cuse Mob 2: Where is it? I don’t know yet.
Thursday, September 13th at 6:00 p.m.

Bring $10 with you to support whatever awesome local business SyracuseFirst picks. It’s going to be fun!

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My buddy Chris Fowler talks ‘Cuse Mob:

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