A Summer Soiree for Symphoria


Carol Watson Greenhouse hosts the first ever Summer Soiree on Friday, July 19th at 6:00 p.m. The Summer Soiree is a special fundraiser for Symphoria, Syracuse’s own orchestra made up of 50 former members of now-defunct Syracuse Symphony Orchestra. It was a major low point when SSO closed its doors, but Symphoria is here to “celebrate the arts with great music.” The Summer Soiree brings together local food and drink, a silent auction featuring original arts and crafts, and a special Symphoria performance and does it all in a very rural and beautiful location. If you’ve never been to Carol Watson Greenhouse, do yourself a favor and check this out. Support the arts!

This isn’t the first fundraiser hosted at Carol Watson Greenhouse and Landscaping, in fact the annual Celebration of the Senses Everson Museum fundraiser is centered there. You might find it odd that a greenhouse out in Lafeyette is hosting events, but it works really well simply because it’s so different. I’m a big fan of using non-traditional spaces for traditional events and CNY has endless opportunities–but I digress.

The Summer Soiree presents tapas from the delicious Montgomery Street eatery, Parisa, as well as signature cocktails made with locally-produced Beak & Skiff Apple Vodka. In addition, Arctic Island will be serving an uncommon, homemade honeysuckle ice cream for those with a sweet tooth. One-off ice cream flavors? Sounds familiar. If Parisa is involved, you better believe the food will be tasty. Beak & Skiff Apple Vodka is something I’ve been neglecting, but it’s a really cool local product that I’ll cover ASAP.

The most important part of the evening is raising funds for Symphoria and this will happen in several ways. Sales from a silent auction featuring all kinds of locally made goods, artwork, crafts, jewelry, and more, not to mention a percentage of all food and drink sales, and 10% of any Greenhouse sales will go directly to Symphoria to help further the arts in Syracuse and Central New York. Make sure to bid and buy some plants!

As a special treat, Symphoria will be performing with a string trio from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. You’ll get an intimate performance that’s unlikely to happen at bigger venues and a little taste of what Symphoria can do. Hopefully this will make it clear why this organization is so sorely needed in our city. Props to Symphoria for keeping the legacy of Syracuse orchestra alive! Here’s their schedule of upcoming performances.

A Summer Soiree for Symphoria
Friday, July 19th at 6:00 p.m.
Carol Watson Greenhouse
2980 Sentinel Heights Road in LaFayette (Directions)

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