New Year’s Day Hardcore 2014 at Lost Horizon


Those looking to kick off New Years with a concert packed with local metal and hardcore bands needn’t look any further. On January 1st at 2:00 p.m. the Lost Horizon presents the Syracuse New Years Day Hardcore 2014. The lineup features a huge list of Upstate bands with many still to be announced. As of today it includes If Hope Dies, Engineer, The Red Death, Thoughts in Reverse, Jonestown, The Storm, Maps of War, Goon, Rebuild, Egodestroys, and Bleak. Whether or not you’ve heard of these bands, they represent a serious amount of local talent. Get ready for an intense show! It’s only $15.

I generally never cover the harder, more metal side of music but it’s been a growing interest lately. The music may not be for everyone but there’s no denying the fire and passion that goes into it. From the screaming guitars, guttural roar vocals, and brutal drum rhythms to the shear heaviness of experiencing metal in person, it’s an intense and exciting genre. Lately metal and hardcore has gotten lots of coverage from unlikely outlets like NPR. This is one of the things making metal far more accessible over 2013 and into the new year. This is a great opportunity to acquaint yourself with the truly great, heavy music coming out of Upstate New York. Bands from Auburn, Bath, and many other Upstate towns will be on hand at one of Syracuse’s longest running rock venues.

Here’s a few highlights on some of the top bands. Let’s start with Engineer. Engineer is a (now) Syracuse-based metal band made up of three brothers and a drummer. It’s difficult to define their sound but it’s an extremely tight mix of various metal and hardcore genres. They’re as harsh as sludge metal, with screamed vocals, distortion and contrasting tempos but controlled in a way that really highlights the group’s talent. What really makes them stand out is the experimental rock approach and excellence in studio recording. They’re an interesting listen with the quality to back it up. Don’t miss these guys at New Year’s Day Hardcore 2014!

The Red Death is a metal band that officially went on hiatus back in 2008. They started in 2002 hailing from Bath, New York with a brutal, high-tempo thrash death metal sound rooted in punk and hardcore. One thing that really stands out with The Red Death is the super-human speed drumming that empowers each song. From some basic listening you can hear an almost garage band quality compared to Engineer’s professional studio sound. Many songs are sub 4-minute blasts of metal that start off as loud as they finish. There’s no introduction to the coming intensity as they tear into and right through each song. There’s even a little black metal throw in the mix. It’s impressive on their Myspace page but it’s going to be amazing in person.

Perhaps the best known of the New Year’s Day Hardcore 2014 is Auburn’s If Hope Dies. They started way back in 1998. Their 2006 album Life in Ruin is actually available for purchase on iTunes, with several five-star reviews. Compared to the above bands, If Hope Dies seems to push the vocals forward. Not to the point of obscuring the instrumentation, which is stunning in itself, but the raw vocals really take center-stage here. The singer’s voice seems deeper and a bit more powerful than the two above bands. Fans of any type of metal should really enjoy If Hope Dies. But be prepared, this stuff isn’t for the faint of heart!

This is going to be a great show. Metal fans, local music lovers, and hardcore newbies should grab tickets and start 2014 off with a big dose of local metal!

Syracuse New Year’s Day Hardcore 2014
January 1, 2014 at 2:00 p.m.
Lost Horizon
5863 Thompson Rd (Directions)

GET TICKETS – $15 advance, available at Sound Garden as well



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  • KT

    While I appreciate your blog for pointing out a lot of awesome events, restaurants, etc. in Syracuse, it would be WAY more helpful if you planned ahead a little bit. Publishing your posts a week or two in advance would be more beneficial for your readers. Posting about an event less than 8 hours before an it starts doesn’t give it a lot of exposure, and it doesn’t give people a lot of time to make plans. You tend to do this with your weekend guides as well. I hope you’re not offended and take this as a little bit of constructive criticism instead. Again, love reading about the GOOD in Syracuse, just wish it was posted early enough so I could take advantage of it!

    • SyracuseGuru

      I’m in the process of getting our editorial calendar together so I can provide a little more lead time for readers. While I like to publish closer to things I definitely agree with you. Same with weekend guide, I’m sorta still fine tuning the details and maybe putting it out mid-week is the answer. Thanks for the comment, I don’t get to hear directly from as many people as I’d like. Happy New Year!

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