Urban Video Project: 2013 Season


I’m sure you’ve seen the various projections on the side of buildings when driving around downtown Syracuse at night, but in case you’ve been asleep at the wheel this is a local art concept called Urban Video Project. UVP is a collaboration between Light Work and Syracuse University’s Connective Corridor. As you might expect, the projections appear along the Connective Corridor route. It’s a cool little feature of Syracuse that aims to “celebrate the arts and culture of Syracuse” while inspiring and engaging the creative community.

Urban Video Project has been around since 2008 and has shown the work of almost thirty artists. Artists from across the country and world have been featured; just browsing the five page long list of past work reveals this. Back in 2008 UVP kicked off with Korean artist Sook-Hyun Kim’s My Village: Kwang-an 3dong. While I am familiar with UVP, I’m really shocked at the diversity of what the project presents. You should really spend some time to check it out every once and a while! It gives off a quiet, contemplative, and subtle artistic vibe that mesmerizes viewers. You might find yourself staring at the video for a few loops without even realizing it.

The current exhibit, which runs through Saturday, February 2nd, is Adam Magyar’s Stainless. Magyar is a Hungarian artist and this UVP feature is happening concurrently with his exhibit called Kontinuum at Light Work. Stainless is shot in black and white and is in extreme slow motion. In fact, it takes the 12 seconds of a subway train arrival and stretches it into 8 minutes. The entire loop run time is 28 minutes in length.

Via UVP:Stainless is part of Magyar’s larger project of using sophisticated recording technologies to explore the flow of time and life through urban landscapes and the people that inhabit them… The title refers to the stainless steel from which subway train cars are made, a material that is resistant to corrosion but not altogether impervious. Like the material, these portraits convey both the strength and vulnerability of the subjects.”

Stainless will be projected at the Everson Museum of Art’s plaza and you can view it from Thursday to Saturday from dusk to 11:00 p.m.

On Friday, February 1st you can see Stainless at the Everson and meet Adam Magyar, who will be in attendance.
Go for the art, stay for the free hot cocoa.

Watch a Stainless clip or check out past work!

UVP: Adam Magyar’s Stainless
Through Saturday, February 2nd
The Everson Museum of Art
401 Harrison Street (Directions)

Here’s a screenshot:

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