Kronos Quartet at Carrier Theater for FREE


Unbeknownst to most local media, one of the leading, prolific contemporary classic music groups in the world, Kronos Quartet is playing a 100% free, no ticket needed concert at the Oncenter’s Carrier Theater in the Civic Center on Wednesday, January 23rd. The show kicks off at 7:30 p.m. and will feature the quartet known by many for their amazing work on such films as Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain, and others. This event went largely unannounced except by SU Arts Engage, which “strives to foster collaboration and inspire the Syracuse University and surrounding communities through diverse performance art.” Go see it!

Kronos Quartet is a 1973 Seatte-founded string quartet started up by violinist David Harrington. In 1978 the quartet made a move to San Francisco and has been based there ever since. From 1978 to ’99 the same five members remained in Kronos Quartet before changes in ’99 and ’05. Unbelievably Kronos Quartet has some forty studio albums to its name and have one of the widest, most inclusive repertoires ever. At the time of their 25th anniversary, Kronos had an astonishing 600 works, 3000 performances, as well as numerous awards including seven 1st place ASCAP awards. They had also sold 1.5 million records. That was fourteen years ago.

Kronos Quartet has had an ongoing residency at Syracuse University thanks to SU Arts Engage. As part of this residency, SU students are able to actually learn from and collaborate with these modern masters of classical music. Who would have thought one of the most legendary classical music groups of the later 20th and 21st century would be in Syracuse? Well, they’re here–and the concert is FREE. Based on my knowledge of Kronos’ current work you can expect a post-modern, potentially avant-garde performance.

Even with my car’s broken transmission I swear I’m finding a way to get to this!

Kronos Quartet at Oncenter’s Carrier Theater
Civic Center Theaters
411 Montgomery Street (Directions)
(315) 435-8000


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  • Arts Gal

    It isn’t that the event went unannounced — it’s that Arts Engage didn’t
    open it up to the general public until this afternoon. SU students and faculty, and members of the boards of some area music organizations, were invited first. Since there were still some available seats, they finally opened it to the public.

    • Michael Rotella

      Thanks for the clarification… Glad they opened it up.

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