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ArtRage Gallery has been closed for summer but reopens with an interesting exhibit called Combat Paper Redux to celebrate its 5th year anniversary. It opens on Saturday, September 7th at 12:00 p.m. ArtRage Gallery presents politically charged exhibits that force visitors to confront the realities of war and experience unheard narratives and this is just another example. Combat Paper was actually the first ever exhibit at ArtRage back in 2008 when the Hawley Ave space opened its doors. As part of the San Francisco based Combat Paper Project, the exhibit presents images on paper made from shredded combat uniforms. It’s going to be a very interesting experience for sure.

The Combat Paper Project is much more than another art exhibit but an initiative to provide art therapy to returning veterans from the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and even Vietnam. Soldiers go through the process of transforming uniforms into works of art as a form of expression about their military experiences. The idea is that through traumatic war experiences the uniform becomes a symbol of the painful memories combat often entails. The artistic process is used as a transcendental method of analyzing and dealing with the realities of war. It’s really quite an interesting idea and one that will be very powerful when you stop in to check out the finished work. More info here.

This isn’t the same exact exhibit from 2008. This time Combat Paper is supplemented by another project called the Warrior Writers’ Project. WWP provides writing workshops to soldiers to help them reconcile and heal as they readjust to civilian life. When it comes to catharsis, there’s really nothing better than sitting down and expressing oneself through written word and that’s exactly what Warrior Writers’ Project encourages. It also provides veterans a chance to get together and share their writing with one another. Find out more here. Vets from Ithaca will be on hand during the exhibition as ArtRage hosts a Warrior Writers’ Project session.

The exhibit itself is made up of handmade combat paper bound books with veterans’ words printed in them. Combat Paper Redux blends art and its creation with the power of the written word. You’ll see the efforts of Combat Paper Project and Warrior Writers’ Project participants in one exhibit. It promises to be a very contemplative, powerful exhibit that with a wallop of hard reality. This meditation on war and its effects is going to be even more relevant in the coming months for one big reason.

Don’t miss Combat Paper and ArtRage Gallery’s 5th Anniversary!

Combat Paper Redux at ArtRage Gallery
505 Hawley Avenue (Directions)
(315) 218-5711

Gallery Hours:
Wednesday – Friday: 2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Saturday: 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.


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